Rearranging the Primary Health Care in the rural area of Manaus

Nilson Massakazu Ando, Patrícia Conceição Cabral Silva, Elson Sabino de Paula, Lubélia Sá Freire da Silva, Antônio Evandro Melo de Oliveira


Introduction: The health of rural and urban populations has different characteristics, and the practice of rural health requires skills and resources that involve peculiarities in relation to the characteristics of the Primary Health Care (PHC). Thinking about the city of Manaus is deploying the Rede Saúde Manauara, which involves, among others, the reorganization of PHC, including rural areas.

Objective: Rearrange the PHC in rural areas of the municipality of Manaus, focusing on Family Health Strategy.

Methodology or experience description: For the development of health actions in the rural areas of Manaus, were organized strategies involving the implantation of Family Health Riverine Teams, the renovation and expansion of Basic Health Rural Units existing, the construction of two Basic Health Riverine Units, the implementation of Centers of Support for Family Health and the strengthening of Community Rural Health Agents.

Results: Among the results obtained so far with the implementation of Rede Saúde Manauara the accreditation of 07 Family Health Riverine Teams with Oral Health Teams. Moreover we have the beginning of reform and expansion of 18 Basic Rural Health Units and the construction of 02 Basic Health Riverine Units.

Conclusions or Hypothesis: With the Rede Saúde Manauara, we highlight the consolidation of actions in the area of women's health, child health, oral health, control of hypertension and diabetes, eradication of leprosy and tuberculosis control in a rural area of Manaus. The continuity of health actions is another plus, allowing the construction and monitoring of indicators in rural health in Manaus.



Primary Health Care; Rural Health; Rede Saúde Manauara

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