Mobile computerization of medical records in primary care of Angra dos Reis

Sergio Vogel, André Luiz da Silva Farias


Introduction: Despite its great importance in the health system, the Primary Care does not have in most regions of an appropriate support of Information Technology. In many places, health professionals make use of pencil and paper to record their procedures, which requires time, increased chance of error in consolidated and loss of reflective capacity on indicators produced.

Objective: Report the development of a system of mobile computerization of medical procedures that facilitates the transcription of records of daily productivity of physicians in Primary Care - Family Health Strategy (FHS) in the city of Angra dos Reis, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Methodology or experience description: We developed a method to facilitate the transcription of records of medical procedures performed in the FHS of Angra dos Reis, as standardized by the Primary Care Information System (SIAB) and the Bulletin Ambulatory Production (BPA) forms. We adapted the content of standardized forms (PMA2 and BPA) for a system of forms on the Internet - doForms®, which provides access and send data via an application for smartphones with Ios® or Android®. With the completion of forms through the smartphones of doctors themselves, in order to decrease the time spent on registration and a better reliability and ability to analyze the data generated.

Results: With the use of the system forms on the internet and FHS doctors smartphones for recording daily procedures achieved greater flexibility in filling and easy data tabulation. However we realize the potential that the tabulation of the data allows for the management, but will need new settings to enhance the interpretation of this information and making decisions. By using free software, we also noticed that the cost of this action is low.

Conclusions or Hypothesis: We report the development of a system of mobile computerization of medical procedures with low cost which provided greater speed and reliability in producing the data, but has great potential for expansion and diffusion of primary care professionals.



Medical Informatics; Primary Health Care; Computers, Handheld

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