Mental health matrix support in primary care: a critical review (2000-2010)

Karen Athié, Pedro Gabriel Godinho Delgado, Sandra Fortes


Introduction: In 2008, the collaboration between mental health and primary care health becomes a national policy in Brazil (Portaria 154). One of the challenges of this policy is to improve access to mental health care. In 2009, the research Integration of mental health(MH) in primary care (PC) in the city of Rio de Janeiro reviewed Brazilian articles about this in the first decade of the millennium.

Objective: a critical review of articles published from 2000 to 2010 about the relation between mental health and primary care in Brazil in view of the practice of matrix support.

Methodology or experience description: Review of virtual database in the period in question. The descriptors were: "mental health", "primary care", "matrix support", and analysis categories were constructed from reading the articles.

Results: We selected 86 articles divided in three visions: by mental health specialists = 28 From this point of view all the studies referred to only insert specialized care in a community as opposed to inpatient units closed; by non-mental health specialists and working in primary care= 37: this studies referred seek effective solutions to problems posed by the work in primary care; and the point of view of concrete experiences = 21 Experiences in matrix support have been described , centering on how to organize this new type of work process, the relevance and need of permanent education. Care and management, also includes political pacts and local, as well as evaluating policy.

Conclusions or Hypothesis: The Brazilian experience is in line with global recommendations towards decrease the gap between the offer and treatment needs care. The construction of the integrated mental health network for Family Health Strategy is a new challenge for the Brazilian Psychiatric Reform.


Mental Health; Collaborative Care; Primary Care

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