Interdisciplinary model for tobacco use cessation at a Primary Health Care Unit

Cristiane Pereira Mendes, Rafael Duarte, Regina Dias


Introduction: Considering the view point of a medical student in an internship, the present article describes the model used at Centro Municipal de Saúde Manguinhos (CMSM),Rio de Janeiro,as a longitudinal tobacco use cessation therapy of patients who live in low-income communities.

Objective: The vision of the academic medical student in his rotating internship for 2 months of weekly activities in the anti-smoking proposal,present the current suggested protocols and interdisciplinary model antismoking implemented by the Family Health Strategy.

Methodology or experience description: The description, analysis and literature review were performed by the student who attended the weekly activities of the anti-smoking group, actively interviews, participating in group therapy, and conducts meetings under the supervision of doctors and nurses responsible for model.

Results: The experiments were properly recorded through notes and reports, thus discussed with professional service,and analyzed in comparison with the current literature,resulting in that article complete with updated information important for medical students and health professionals in training on guidelines and protocols .

Conclusions or Hypothesis: The practice in question in this article allowed,the medical student in his period of practical training in Family Medici ne,the stimulus to reflection,discussion and consideration of the professional attitude and interdisciplinary teams on official protocols recommended by organizations such as the Ministry of health and literature.



Smoking; Tobacco Use Cessation; Primary Health Care

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