Telehealth for primary care physicians by free phone call

Erno Harzheim, Diani de Oliveira Machado, Elise Botteselle de Oliveira, Lisiane Hauser, Rafaela Aprato Menezes


Introdução: Telehealth is the use of information and communication activities remotely related to health at various levels modern technologies. The service of 0800 TelessaúdeRS acts since March 2013 by providing teleconsulting phones for physicians Family Health Strategy (FHS) of Rio Grande do Sul, and physicians Enhancement Program for Primary Care (PROVAB) and the More Doctors Brazil.

Objetivos: To describe the real time teleconsulting process through free phone call to physicians Primary Health Care.

Metodologia ou descrição da experiência: The service operates between 8 am and 5:30 pm. The current team consists of six teleconsultants doctors of family and community that have rear focal medical experts. The tele phone aim to facilitate access to information, faster decision making, discuss complex clinical cases, avoid referrals to other specialists and provide information based on scientific evidence. Doubts must belong to the scope of the themes of APS. The teleconsultor have access to electronic applications for clinical research databases and library updated.

Resultados: From March to 20 October 2424 teleconsultation were performed, of which 2141 are from Provab, 240 of RS and 43 More Doctors. On average we have about 15 (14.97) teleconsultation daily. Of the 303 professionals who responded to the question on satisfaction, 89% indicated very satisfied, 10% satisfied and 1% very dissatisfied. Among the 157 who reported intention to forward and answered the question about avoidance routing, 80% indicated that there was avoidance. The question was fully answered for 97% of the 275 who answered the questionnaire. The most common questions were about diabetes, pregnancy, hypertension and mental health.

Conclusões ou hipóteses: The 0800 TelessaúdeRS proved to be very useful as a working tool of the PHC to provide a consultancy with agility and with good scientific evidence, providing an essential support for PHC doctors. With the increasing use of the service, we seek to strengthen this technology, which has great potential for expansion, generating cost savings.



Primary Care; Telehealth

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