Support to the implementation of the new TelessaúdeRS centers telehealth

Erno Harzheim, Ana Paula Borngräber Corrêa, Ana Célia da Silva Siqueira, Letícia Nilde Melo, Natan Katz


Introdução: Since 2011, Brazil Telehealth Networks Program was expanded with the approval of 62 new centers. The TelessaúdeRS was invited to assist in the development and deployment of these new centers. By the end of the support, it is expected that the new centers is able to remain independent for maintenance, deployment, monitoring and provision of telehealth services activities.

Objetivos: To describe the technical support offered by TelessaúdeRS to deployment of 24 new Telehealth Centers of Telehealth Brazil Networks funded by the Department of Health Actions / SAS and Management Secretariat of Labor and Health Education / SGTES.

Metodologia ou descrição da experiência: The provision of technical support is performed through two models called Adoption and Nucleation for a period of up to 18 months. In Adoption, the center develops early camp activities, and TelessaúdeRS is responsible for the activities of teleregulation and answer of teleconsultations. After pre-defined period, the center assumes the production of their responses. In Nucleation, from the beginning the center itself already carries all the activities autonomously. In both models, support is provided for supervision of answers , the activities of field staff and administrative tasks to deployment the Center.

Resultados: support occurs effectively in 19 centers of 09 states (AL, BA, DF, MA, MT, PB, PR, SE and SP). Of these, three develop their activities autonomously, twelve carry out the training on his own field staff, but teleconsultations are answered by TelessaúdeRS and four still have no structure to begin their activities. The main obstacle to proper functioning of the new center is a shortage of professionals with necessary qualification. The main features required are: experience in teaching and research, knowledge and practice in PHC, familiarity of the concepts of Evidence Based Medicine and reading in English.

Conclusões ou hipóteses: The experience of TelessaúdeRS to support the formation of telehealth centers shows that deployment mechanisms for the provision of managerial and structural support is essential, in addition to dispensing financial resources to structure the center. Moreover, the managers of this core should seek to hire people with affinity in teaching / research and experience in PHC activities.


Telehealth; Primary Health Care; TelessaúdeRS

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