Importance of the teleregulation monitor in a telehealth core

Erno Harzheim, Adriano Detoni Filho, Ana Paula Borngräber Corrêa, Ana Célia da Silva Siqueira, Natan Katz


Introdução: Registration, systematic and structured all the data of structure, process and outcome, is the main base of the Monitoring and Evaluation of a Core for Telehealth (CT) and where this is configured as the primary facet of work teleregulation Monitor (TM).

Objetivos: The fundamental aspect of TM in the actions of Telehealth is the production of indicators in order to evaluate all requests teleconsulting, monitoring the process and outcome, as well as support to the Applicant, Teleregulator and Teleconsultant.

Metodologia ou descrição da experiência: The main indicators assessed are: structure - hours available to answer teleconsulting by professional category; process - on production of the CT, ie, the use of health professionals. In this case fall within the number of requests received, answered teleconsultation and frequency of participation of health professionals in tele-education activities. Faced with a low use of telehealth activities, the TM will communicate the results of the indicators observed for the triggering of actions to be undertaken; outcome - a consequence of the structure and the telehealth process evaluation of the satisfactions of teleconsultation received by professional health and Formative Second Opinion.

Resultados: These indicators subsidize reports and newsletters for all levels of management, enabling the creation of a 'situation room' on Telehealth to support research activities.

Conclusões ou hipóteses: It is through the TM, the key role of track and monitor these indicators, which can provide both synthetic as analytical insight into the performance of CT in all its scope and allowing undertake necessary interventions in a timely manner. In short, the TM is responsible to tell who is doing what, where, how time consuming and inputs.



Telehealth; Primary Health Care; TelessaúdeRS

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